Birthday Wishes Letters is a site that deals with composing and publication of letters online for those who have birthday celebrants to greet. Our practices on this site minimize the stress that people pass through composing or thinking about what to send to their friends or families on their birthday as greetings.

The Types of Letters You Can Find on Our Site

At Birthday Wishes Letters, we compose various kinds birthday letters as well as birthday SMS. Those letters and SMS are heart touching and can be used to make anyone feels loved and appreciated on his her birthday.

We only compose and publish letters and short messages for birthday greetings and not any other kinds of wishes.

Therefore, your presence here on this site means you have searched for any of the queries related to birthday letter on Google search engine or any other search engines in the world.

Among the birthday letters we have are:

Heart touching birthday letter for girlfriend, boyfriend, dad, best friend, mom and so on.

What You Cannot Find on Our Site

On this site, we do not compose or publish offensive letters or SMS. Here on this site, it’s understandable that offensive or insulting words can destabilize any relationship and there is nothing like that throughout this site.

You can also go through our terms and conditions, before you start surfing this site.

Belief of This Site

We actually understand the importance of love and affection that should exist between you and your friends or families, even your lover. Moreover, birthday time is a perfect moment that anyone can show gratitude and appreciation receiving from them.


If you want more information about us, you can actually contact us and let us know what you have for us.