Birthday Blessings and Heart Touching Wishes to Someone Special

Heart touching birthday wishes for someone special

If you are in need of heart touching birthday wishes for special one or birthday blessings to someone special and you are here on this page, you have gotten what you are looking for. Undoubtedly, everyone has one or more persons who can be regarded as the most important personalities. It can either be family or outside who has been useful in one way or the other. Normally, it must taken a certain dimension before an outsider becomes a special someone to you. Basically, your boss at work, mentor in school, counsellor or adviser, or a friend can be your own most special person.

To that person with the kindest heart, you must send a heart felt birthday wishes, so that he or she can be touched and encouraged to do more.

Birthday Blessings to Someone Special

This category is full of birthday blessings and wishes to someone special with big and kindest heart on their birthday.

I am so blessed with a lot of reasons to celebrate you today. This your birthday will become the most favoured one that you will continue to remember for good forever. Happy birthday to you.

I cannot figure how much special you are to me because it unmeasurable. Your coming into my life is a great blessing. May the heavenly door of blessings be opened upon your head and you continue to grow in prosperities. Have an amazing birthday!

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With my open heart, I am saying happy birthday to one of the most amazing person I have ever met since when I became a new person. In fact, you are the reason why I am a better person now. May you too enjoy your glory to the fullest and all your disappointments turning to appointments.

Gold just seems to be the most precious to humankind. But to me, you’re the most precious and amazing. I wish you the very best in every moment of your life henceforth. Be blessed; it is your birthday.

Happy birthday to one of the nicest person I know in this our generation. I proclaim that your number one wish for today come to pass immediately.

You are big person now but I am sure you can still remember those days when you were young. Especially how you dancing joyously under the rain. My mentor, you will rejoice the same way today as shower of blessings will be getting you drenched. Happy birthday!!!

Because of the birthday you we are celebrating with you today, may you become blessed like a tree beside the river that remains watered and irrigated naturally even when it is getting difficult for others to survive. Have a delighted birthday!

Our today’s celebrant, open your and receive what is coming your way. Truly, all the good and favourable lines of life will fall in place for you. And you will begin to live in unlimited prosperities. Bountiful harvests of birthday to your life!

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I can’t count the number of ways in which you have touched my life and therefore contributing to my uplifting. The same way and more will all the angels contribute to make your life more meaningful. Kindly accept my birthday present. Joyous birthday for you.

There is no need reminding you that today is your birthday. You are absolutely aware but you might not be aware of my birthday wishes for you. I wish that you start matching upon the face of everyone who curses you because you’re a blessed person. Delightful birthday for you.

The above 10 birthday SMS meant for those who are searching online for birthday blessings to be sent to someone special. Now, let go on to another set.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Someone Special


The next ten SMS for birthday greetings will be heart touching birthday wishes for someone special who you might have in mind to greet for birthday today. Check them out!

Birthday blessings to someone special

Even more than how water is important to a camel to live healthily, you are so special to me. In fact, I can regard as a God sent and its fulfilments in my life. Happy birthday to you from here!

Your birthday is actually the best and most perfect time to the gift that was given to me sometimes ago. You are the perfect gift I am talking about. Thank you for staying in my life ever since I met you. Let us get the birthday party started and sunny. Happy birthday.

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Happy birthday to you my special person! May all the years you have ahead be fully loaded and discharge to your way all good things in life.

Before now, you have been celebrating years upon years in strong health. May the years to come be better than those previous ones. Happy birthday

You are unorthodox and unique to me in many ways. Let your birthday be partied in a kind of manner that you will never forget. Have a nice and remarkable birthday.

Happy birthday to my distinguished person. I wish a lot of blessings that you cannot count. It is a good one from you.

On your birthday, here is wishing you the best things to rejoice for. You have been my sound source of inspiration and motivation. I cannot forget your inputs throughout my entire life. Happy birthday to you my great person.

I dreamed of unspeakable joy and happiness as birthday gifts for you today. You actually deserve them all. They will live with you forever. Be glad because it’s your birthday!

The exceptional one I have met. You just successfully completed another journey of 365 days and I wish you good and sound health to complete more years to come. Happy birthday to one of the most amazing person I have ever met in this life of mine.

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The last ten text messages for birthday are heart touching birthday wishes for special one or someone special that you are looking for. It is take you made a bold and final step by picking up one that expresses your in the best way and do the sending.

Happy Birthday to Someone with A Big Heart

Obviously, someone with a big heart is a kind of person who takes things easy no matter what. The kind of person who will wish you a better things in life and give you maximum support to achieve them even while expecting nothing in return. At this juncture, here you have another list of text messages to say happy birthday to someone with a big heart and make them feel good.

I can say it with confidence anywhere that you have a big heart and it is nice thing to be someone close to you. More than I could imagine, you have been so good. Have a splendid day and a delightful birthday ever.

Your birthday is noteworthy and deserve a superb celebration. Let keep painting the town in red. Happy birthday to the kindest heart I ever get closed to.

Today and always, you will be rejoicing and be lifted. All we have been doing together for our betterment will soon counted for good and pay off. Until then, keep on fine and have a blessed birthday.

Here is to paint the town red in honour of a brilliant and useful mentor who posses a big heart. You are all for story of success. Enjoy a happy birthday.

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There are many uncommon qualities about you and that’s why I can’t stay away from you in pursuit of many valuable things I’m trying to achieve. Have a shining bright moment of birthday.

God is always faithful and I am very positive that He will shine his blessings on your head as gifts for your birthday. You are good to go! Unlimited happy returns of birthdays to you.

Unconditionally, you need a lot of prosperities, incomparable wisdom and unfailingly health to spend the rest of your life. May you be granted all these in abundant. I am so optimistic that you are having a wonderful and beautiful birthday.

Let whoop your birthday up in a way that you will keep smiling each time you remember the moment. Not by accident, you validly deserve the best of birthdays.

Today is beautiful indeed, we are remembering as we always do how you make our lives better with your big heart. We can’t thank you enough. Happy birthday.

I wish I should posses a big heart like your. Though, I have a sincere mind which I know is among those things I need as requirements to be a fulfilling someone with a big heart just like you. I can never forget any of your lessons. I am enjoining you to have a great birthday and many more to come with a lot of prosperities.

Over to you now to pick the best heart touching birthday wishes for special one or someone with a big heart.

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