Birthday Letter to An Old Friend

Birthday letter to an old friend

You need a birthday letter to an old friend because you want to send a birthday wishes to a run away friend. Naturally, a set of friends cannot be together for too long. Each of them will definitely has to go on separate way one day while the other friends will be left behind. Dreams at times might not be the same no matter how close the friends are to one another. Meanwhile, no matter how long your old friend has gone far from you and no matter how far the distance between you is, your birthdays should always reconnect you. As long as you have your lost friend contact either on social or directly, it will be very nice if you join the whole world wishing him a happy birthday.


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Birthday Letter for An Old Friend

This birthday letter is accurate for wishing an old friend of yours is far away from you. You have not seen the friends for years now but his or her birthday is fully in your mind. The letter below is more than enough to express your birthday greetings:

Dear celebrant,

To some people, birthday is just a celebration of another one year added to age. It is the exact time to get amazing gifts from families and friends around the world. As well as all kinds of wishes and love from those who are friends indeed and trustworthy families. But to us, significances of marking a birthday are not limited to the aforementioned. In fact, our birthdays are not complete if we don’t use the moments to make reunions. Each of our birthdays serves as the best moment to remember our pasts. The happy and sad experiences we ever shared can’t be forgotten at all.

My friend, truly you are far away from where I am sending my birthday wishes to you. Nevertheless, I must confess that you remain in my mind despite the fact that years have elapsed after you went on a separate way to pursue your dreams. Fortunately, today is your birthday and I am so much available for you irrespective of the distance between both of us. Right here, I am celebrating you in my own way with my friends.

I recall the time we ate and drank wine together and those evenings we shared studying the sciences. The benefits I gained from the moments are very intact in helping me to grow. Through our friendship, I am able to enjoy learning about our world and the best ways to survive. Any where I go, I always have confidence to say I have a friend which is you because you have imparted a lot positive trends into my life.

Blessed is the day I met you. May the day remain great. I even wish we should be celebrating our birthdays in the same day, precisely the date we met. How beautiful would it have been?

Before I run out of words, let me quickly ask God to bless you more for me. May He enrich your day and make it the best one ever for you. Bright things will always come your ways and all your heart wishes will be granted by the Almighty. From the years past, you might have been disappointed in one way or the other, may this day return all your losses and turn all the disappointments into glamorous blessings.

From the deep inside of my heart, I am wishing you a bright and sunny birthday. Happy birthday to you my old friend!

Your old friend,



Birthday Letter to a Long Lost Friend

Immediately here is one more happy birthday letter to an old friend: 

My forever friend,

Greetings to my birthday celebrant. There is something I always believe. And that is the confidence that my friend has been doing extremely fine since the day we parted away. You deserve to be fine and happy always and my confidence for this reality is built up from the moments you had shared with me.

Unlike before, I want to join the hearts of the world to greet you well for your birthday today in a special way. In order to make it look different, I am writing and sending you a lovely letter. Not only to say happy birthday to you but to also remind you of your kindness towards our friendship by the time we were together. Should I call you a run away or a far gone friend? No, because we are always together in hearts but only departed physically. Meanwhile, what matters most is ignition of our hearts.

The day you are born was not just a normal day, but you are not an ordinary person. That is why the day became so special as you are. Can you imagine how your birth changed the fate of the day. I strongly that it’s not because of your power or your strength. The power of pockets can’t even make sure of this but all is by grace.

Lucky is what get into your possession. And I also fortunate to be one of the friends who have you in their lives. Even for a second ever this time I won your heart of friendship, I have never regret a minute. Which I know will be the same from your side.

Kindly let it be written clearly in your mind that from the dawn of today when your clock ticked, all the gifts, cakes and flowers coming to you are yours until the party is ended. After then, all those things on ground become mine… Just kidding you my dear friend. But the truth of this matter is that you must have me in mind whenever you want to begin sharing of the gifts presented to your house. You should not forget how we did share things we got between us. The deed should not stop!

At the same time, as your counting the number of presents you got, the totality of those who sent you birthday letter like this and the number of text message that entered into your mail box, don’t let it skip your mind to count the number of blessings you received!

Anyway, it your birthday, feel so honored and enjoy the most enjoyable moment of today. But do forget to make an oath that you are going to pursue more dreams as well as all your goals until you achieve them to the fullest extent. Wishing you a happy birthday and lots of better ones to come your way.

Yours till forever,


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