134+ Funny Happy 50th Birthday Memes To Make Your Loved Ones Happy

Send a happy 50th birthday meme to your loved ones to make them happy. This can help them go through their day with a smile and knowing that you care about them. happy 50th birthday meme can make their day better and brighter.

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Happy 50th Birthday Memes

happy 50th birthday meme

Happy 50th Birthday Memes

Your big day is here so it’s time to honor all that makes you so very special wishing you a dazzling day and a very incredible year!

Happy 50th Birthday Memes

Happy birthday your golden years are here! I hope you will live them to their fullest, starting with today

Happy 50th Birthday Memes

Happy 50th Birthday Memes

Happy 50th Birthday Funny Meme

The older you get the more you shine. Happy Birthday

The big five -oh. you’ve had five decades of an amazing life.God and make this one your best yet

happy 50th birthday funny meme

Happy Birthday To My Awesome Friend As you celebrate another year of life, I want you to know how much you bring to my life. i’m so lucky to have a friend like you

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happy 50th birthday funny meme

You only get better with age! happy birthday

happy 50th birthday funny meme

Happy birthday.Wishing you much joy and excitement as you celebrate this very important occasion

happy 50th birthday funny meme

It’s time to celebrate you’ve done some incredible things in your life. I con’t wait to hear about all the new adventures you after todayhappy 50th birthday funny meme

Many birthdays come and go but this big day should be one to remember. Have the best day ever

Happy 50th Birthday Meme for Manb550447df0cdec030bfb9fa90d463b1f

Happy birthday i was going to send you a funny card but at your age i thought you might piss yourself


It should be against the law to look this good at 50


Keep calm….. Remember 40 is the new 20


Life’s just begun! happy birthday


Don’t worry about getting older. you’re still gonna do dumb stuff,only slower.

Half a century old Funny 50th birthday meme 500x500 1

Happy birthday half a century old deserves an honorary award


Wishing you a 50th alcholic birthday oh wait bad for the old man


Today you turn 40. you’re not old,you’re a retro.

Dirty Happy 50th Birthday Memes9be12fb7e77555d6ba363552fade6e8a

Your 50th birthday is killing me, smalls……



Yep-it’s my birthday!


Happy birthday tooo you


Happy birthday you magnificent bastard


May your birthday be filled with magic moments and wine


Happy birthday to fantasticc man! You’re a true classic in every way. here’s hoping your heard is filled with many exciting adventure49a48ed526d2a1f2da45e9281cc49904

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Wishing you the best birthday ever!


Happy birthday beautiful

Funny Happy 50th Birthday MemesMy 50th Birthday Meme


Happy birthday let’s get drunk and pretend we can dance

My 50th Birthday Meme

My 50th Birthday Meme

When you get older your body gets better at multitasking…. you can laught, cough, fart and wee all at the same time

My 50th Birthday Meme

My 50th Birthday Meme

I’ve decided i’m not old i’m 25 plus shipping and handling.

My 50th Birthday Meme

Shop til you drop Happy 50th birthday

My 50th Birthday Meme

My 50th Birthday Meme


Lovely Happy 50th Birthday Memes

Happy 50th birthday Funny

Bad news: you’re 50 Good news: i’m not

Happy 50th birthday Funny 1

You’re not 50.You’re 81 with 32 years of experience. Happy Birthday!

Happy 50th birthday Funny

Happy Birthday Blah Blah Blah…… prosecco

Happy 50th birthday Funny

You’re not allowed any candles on your birthday cake wtf you wishing for? All your dreams came true when you met me

Happy 50th birthday Funny

I’m still hot it just  come in flashes now!

Happy 50th birthday Funny

Happy 50th birthday Funny

Happy b-day

Happy 50th birthday Funny

With age comes news skills…You can laugh, cough, sneeze, and pee all at the same time!

Happy 50th birthday Funny

I can’t believe that you’re 50. You don’t look a day over a half. Happy birthday.

Happy 50th birthday Funny

Wishing you a very happy 50th birthday

Happy 50th Birthday Meme GIFsHappy 50th birthday GIF

Happy 50th birthday GIF

Wishing you  a day filled with happiness & a year filled with joy. happy birthday.

Happy 50th birthday GIF

Hope they call on a mission

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Happy 50th birthday GIF

Happy 50th birthday

Happy 50th birthday GIF

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