Happy Birthday Dad from Daughter Letter


Happy birthday to Dad from Daughter Letter

Happy birthday to Dad from Daughter Letter

As a daughter who values and appreciates her father, it is so called for you to get a touching letter to dad from daughter so as to express your gratitude to him on his birthday. A day like this is not the best time for you to keep silence. You should find the best way to communicate your birthday wishes to that dad of yours. Certainly, he has been so kind and lovely to you ever since when you’re born.

The importance of father in daughter’s life cannot be left out of consideration. Though, it is not all fathers that actually observe their responsibilities over their children. But for those ones out there who would never ignore warfare of their daughters and the entire family, they deserve accolades. This can be best delivered on the day they turned adding another year. Your dad is a year older today, check out these heart touching birthday wishes for father from daughter composed as letters.

If you need a way to say happy birthday dad as a daughter with letter, you have the best letters here.

Happy Birthday Dad from Daughter Letter

Dear dad,

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My Dad, the kind of best dad that anyone can dream of having. Many children nowadays are regretting of coming to this world through their fathers. But in my own case, I am not just okay that I came to this world through you but also grateful for it. Throughout the world, I can confidently proclaim that you are my biological father. I have never be ashamed of this for once and I am never going to be ashamed of it in my life. You are more than a father to me. You are also my benefactor, my mentor, role model, encouragement and inspiration.

When I began to grow up, I came to realize why my mother fell in love with you before we were born. She had seen better future in partnership with you. Truly, you always say it that we, your are your future. Meanwhile, you personally have prepared the future by yourself by investing in us. I am your daughter and a living example of your investment into future. The thought of being a daughter of a wonderful father makes me smile and laugh everyday.

Gladness fills my heart today your birthday because I am celebrating the best dad in the whole universe. As a result of this, I am wishing the best of this moment of your birthday and beyond. I request God to continue blessing your matrimony with our mother and your strength to be renewed on daily basis so that you can keep getting better in catering for us. Tiredness will never be your portion. At the same time, privilege to continue making you proud will be given to me your daughter and everyone of us, your children.

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Cause to weep over us will forever remain far from you. May your new age be abundantly and greatly honoured by blessings from God. I call on all your dreams and heart desires to start coming true. Dad, keep smiling for you have every reason to be happy and no reason to be sorry. Happy birthday to you my lovely dad.

Your daughter,


Best Letter to Father on His Birthday

One more happy birthday dad from daughter letter is here below:

My dad,

The evidences that you are a good father can be felt from every angle of my life. My life is totally free war and enjoying cool experiences. All thanks to you dad! The memory of love you have shown to me, your daughter is amazing and incomparable. I cherish the love and affection so much that I can’t think of any other thing aside from your kindness. Each day, I get driven and led by these memories as they are coming to my head pushing me not to disappoint you.

Obviously, you must have been wondering why I keep on growing and never disappoint you even for once. To get it straight with you sir, this is happening because you have been a good father to me. And the fear of disappointing you keep on preventing me from letting you down. On your birthday today, I feel like confessing more of my dedication to your image. It is has been my most favorite thing to prevent your image from being tarnished.

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With you dad, I am moving in the same direction in which you had already led me. My completion comes as a result of your ability to be a wonderful mentor. That is why I keep looking up to you for more to acquire in terms of knowledge and morals. Considering my ambition, I can’t forget how much you have been the pillar of assistance to me. As a father who has love of his daughter at heart, you have successfully let me know that someone without ambition is absolutely nothing. Right from that lesson, I quickly picked and made a choice after I had gone through all the prerequisites you gave to me for choosing a right choice of ambition. Thank you so much Daddy.

Today, I don’t want to an ingrate who won’t appreciate all of the fatherly love, care, affection and kindness that you have given to me. Not even just me feel your presence, but also everyone around me. They also feel it through me that I have a wonderful father.

Honestly, I can’t spell out everything you have done to me. But in few words, I want to say thank you and wish you a very happy birthday. May you celebrate more of it in strong and unfailing health, wealth and riches, undiluted happiness and joy, uncontaminated smiles and laughter. Unlimited promotions to you in all your endeavors sir. Happy birthday dad!

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Your daughter,


Heart Touching Birthday Letter for Dad

You are the channel through which I came to this world and you make the world interesting for me to live by teaching me how to talk along with my mother. Not only that, you also taught me how to walk without falling until I could do it very well. Gradually, I began to gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding by learning them from you as my father.

Ever since I opened my eyes and mind to meet you as my father, you have never fail me. All the responsibilities that are expected from true father to fulfill, you left nothing out of them. Calling you a true father is not an hyperbole because you have never for one day failed to meet the standard of true father.

With you in my life dad, I feel so secured and get no cause to be afraid of what the world might bring to my way. I cannot forget all you taught me to be independent and free from all intimations I might face from the world.

The world is very wicked to whom doesn’t have a confidant like you. Now, that we are saying happy birthday to you here and there, I still remember more of you. But I cannot say it all here because I don’t want to feel your day with this. Celebrating your birthday in a wonderful way is the most important right now.

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I believe there many things you still want to achieve in this life aside training us to be good children. The good Lord in His infinite mercy will elevate you in all the endeavors. Happy birthday to you my dad.

Your lovely daughter,


From provided above, you can certainly pick a perfect happy birthday dad from daughter letter that will help you as a good child to greet your father for his birthday.

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