120 Heart Touching Happy Birthday Poems For Her

Share our happy birthday poems with special people celebrating birthdays. When happy birthday alone is not enough, why not share a verse or two. The information in these birthday poems for her is inspiring and encouraging.

Sweet Happy Birthday Poems For Her

Hello on your happy birthday, And wish everything bright, May you only know happiness and surprise, Morning, noon and evening. Happy birthday!

Another year has passed. Your birthday is here, May this year bring joy Twelve months that you love. Follow your true happiness Achieve everything you can Dream the good dream Create a new plan.

This year is going to be great I wish you, You deserve everything you want May your dreams come true

My best wishes are for you Since today is your special day May every dream you chase Come true and never get lost. You are so special to me You deserve the best of everything May your birthday be timeless May you know joy great and small.

Wish you all the best, day after day, May you find great happiness, May you twist and yell. Grateful for life, Thanks to heaven above, Let your days be full of hope, Know that you are loved.

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Happy birthday! You deserve the best, All the special things in life, Whatever makes you happy, Whatever feels right. I want this gift to be yours, Every day, To them I add love and peace, Especially on your birthday.

Happy birthday! Wish you a very happy birthday, Celebration with family and friends, Filled with whatever brings you joy, The kind of excitement that never ends. With all the love your heart can hold, And birthdays that bring joy,
Hope you have a really special day, You deserve the best of everything. Let’s raise our glasses and toast, Wishing you joy, peace and health, Wish you a really happy birthday, Full of love and life all day long.

Today is your special birthday, I give you three big wishes, I wish you peace, happiness and love, All day, all year.

Happy birthday, This is my birthday wish for you, I hope your day brings you joy Whatever you’re up to. Live every moment to the fullest Every single moment is dear This is the time to remember You only have one birthday a year.

May you have a special day May your heart be full of joy May love and laughter find you May your smile be from ear to ear. May your joy be forever May only good things come your way May all your prayers be answered May you be blessed on your birthday.

Close your eyes and make a wish Give it wings and let it fly Beyond the highest mountain peaks Off to the clear blue sky. Aim high when expressing your wish This is no time to retreat or hide Wish you the best in life Now blow out your candles and give it a try.Happy Birthday!

My best wishes, For the best day, Wish you happy, in every possible way. Morning, noon and evening, Every hour in between, May your day be special, Because only birthdays are allowed.

Let’s start this party It’s time to celebrate It’s never too early to have fun Let’s groove for 24 hours straight.

This birthday wish is for you I hope you like what I wrote It took me many hours The words got stuck in my throat. At first my head was completely blank I didn’t know what to tell you So I wish you what is close to my heart:
May your wildest dreams come true. Happy Birthday!

Because today is your birthday And because you are particularly nice One wish is not enough for you So you have to wish twice! I think you are so great And you deserve the very best I wish you a wonderful life Filled with love and happiness.I only wish you the best I hope you have the best day ever Not a second, not an hour But such a great day that lasts forever. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Hope your birthday is fun Filled with family and friends From the moment it starts It’s over by the second. This is a very special day So I am happy to tell you I wish you many years of joy Do whatever you want.

Heart Touching Happy Birthday Poems For Her

Heart Touching Birthday Poems For Her

Heart Touching Birthday Poems For Her

Your birthday is just around the corner And I already have a feeling that it is here. You look so beautiful and extravagant I don’t have the right words to qualify such beauty One that the world has never seen before I pray to the angels today That they hear your prayers And convey your wishes on a gold plate You are the best that ever happened To this life and it would be a mistake Not to let you know how much I love you I can feel your birthday just around the corner And it feels like it’s already here….

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Do you remember, do you forget I always remember Everything you think you feel Little compared to what i think of you today I will always remember How I treasured and I will cherish forever.

You are the most beautiful girl in the world Your happiness has always left me stumped I love being close to you, you are the best that I have found. Today is your special day I love you so much.My life is always brighter brighter with your touch

My love for you never stops, Be strong and determined, facing all our flaws. It endures without judgment, Never hold a grudge. Generosity, loyalty, and always kindness, Go to your outer layer blindly. Of course, contrary to rudeness, I must include my beating heart. On your birthday, my love for you, Above the clouds, the scenery is unobstructed. Moments, memories, a year has passed, I’m here for you, don’t cry. My love for you, live by the truth, Keep me forever, in my youth. When it sees our trust and hope, It climbs up and conquer any slope.

From the beginning, we survived, Conquered the ocean; the mountains also. I am here for you on your birthday Our special love; let us look back.

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The moment I lay down, my eyes looked at you, I hope love, my heart knows. You stare at me, your eyes are so real,
Our deep attraction has only increased.It’s time to make a debut,Everything feels so fresh.Looking up at the stars, watching night by night,Full of temptation, I saw your hint.In the sky, there are angels flying, We have opened our way, and we are indeed pursuing it.Such a strong bond; far and few, Forever love, I must, thank you!

You are the most beautiful girl around, your happiness always makes me stunned I like to be with you, you are the best thing I have found. Today is your special day, i love you very much My life is always brighter, brighter with your touch.

My angel descended on such a day, The sky cries for what they will miss, Because you are a unique angel, The beauty of both inside and outside. I was lucky to be the first to find you, Even luckier is that we fell in love. Laughter accompanies your laughter, You make me the happiest person on earth. One day, when we got married, I promise to leave you safe and sound, And always resist every conflict we have. Because you are the best and cutest wife! Happy birthday my angel!

You are a lamp, a bright, I will love you Very dazzling today For this day, I waited so long, Now it’s finally here, I beg you to listen to everything I must tell you You are beyond words, Today you will experience everything rich, You are a queen all your life. This is my prayer for you, dear. Don’t forget how beautiful you are, How proud I am that you are my baby girl.

So many nights I hold you tight Kissing you seems endless I look up at the sky, My heart is like a bell, My thoughts are the same Force me to open my mouth And foot movement If i want a wish every year On this day is for you More than just a kiss. Happy birthday to you, my queen.

Please accept these birthday flowers, Full of love, from random showers. Thinking of you, when I picked them,
Grow and nourish from a tiny bud. Graceful as a blooming rose, Known as the most natural perfume. The beautiful fragrance reminds me of you, Make you smile, I only know in my soul. Beauty is better than the sea and the sky,
One is special; it will never dry out. Charming and humble, the storm made her strong, By my side, truly belong to me. Release from the depths of my heart, A symbol of love, I want to teach. Looking at you, everything is clear, This most beautiful flower is you, dear!

I may never be An amazing husband As a wife you always treat me And changed the course of my destiny If i could be like you I will be able to make my life go further Until I catch up with you, dear I want you to continue to motivate me Happy birthday

Waiting for this day all year,To celebrate your birth, dear.My love for you cannot be explained by words,I will cherish forever; we dance in the rain.When we are only one day apart I feel emptiness and sadness in my heart. What you mean is absolutely everything to me, With you by my side, I feel very free. On this special day, I just want to say, Happy birthday, my love, this is a kiss!

Today is your special day, I want to do it with you, say you surprise me in strange ways, don’t you? I wanted to surprise you, a gift for you from me. Happy Birthday to you!

Cheers to you, take this journey Everything you do is always sublime I waited so long to finally say it Happy birthday my love!

Today is your special day, I want to do it with you, say You surprise me in strange ways, don’t you? I wanted to surprise you, a gift to you from me. Happy Birthday to you!

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To the best girl on earth I hope you understand your self-worth You are sweet, funny, and so kind Better yet you have an open mind You made me laugh when I wanted to cry Not all hello has to end with a blessing I know we will remain friends forever Because I will support you in every effort

Romantic Cute Happy Birthday Poems For Her

Romantic Birthday Poems For Her

Happy Birthday! The heart is adored touch you, Freedom is the soul by your side,Blessed are the eyes to see you,
For my heart, soul and eyes of lying.

Sweeter than anything, I will always taste,Passion so wild,I can just melt away,The pain is so strong,It fills my mind,
My love to you,Every minute, every day. Happy Birthday!

No love is sweeter,Crazier without love. No love is more stupid,No love is primitive,No love is needed more,No love is hotter,No love is better,No love is more warm,No love is more real,No love is more tender, No love is more complete,No love is deeper,No love is more lovely,Better than my love for you.Happy birthday, my love!

You are what i long for You are the one i admire You are what i need I cannot ask for more.

I love you crazily than ever before,I am yours, can take away, keep or lose,I can’t get close to you,Sweets I can’t refuse.Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, my love.When i see you My knees are soft,My heart is beating,I can’t say.

I am right beside you Nothing,We hold hands,I am where I belong.

You are my blue sky you must know,As sunny as a sunny day,My love for you burns so much.No one compares to you, No heart or soul close,All I need and desire is you,Happy birthday, my dearest dear.Happy birthday.

You are the sunshine on my face Warm my tears,The light behind my smile,My night is hot all these years.

You are a gift from heaven,So intense, so enthusiastic, so real,Touch me tenderly,I love you forever.

Let my love find its way,I want to tell you that I care,Can’t stand it anymore I have a lot of love to share,

Let my love come into your heart,I’m halfway there Take me all the way Naked my heart.

Let us make your birthday hot,Really hot in every way,I want to confess my love to you Let me show it to you on your special day.Happy birthday.

You are my true soul mate,All I long for is you,Your beauty makes me look new How exquisite and fresh I feel.

Our heart implies passion,Our smile promise is exciting,Accept the gift of my unfettered love,We will and feel how exquisite.

Cute Happy Birthday Poem For Her

Cute Birthday Poem For Her

Your age is just a number,It’s not that big,You have seen a few decades,Since you were just a kid.But you don’t look old,You’ve overcome middle age,Your face shines like 1,000 stars,And you can still turn heads.All the best and happy birthday to you!

You are like Scooby Doo’s snacks,I am your scooby doo You are trapped in a haunted house,And i want to save you,I know I can find you soon,I just need to follow the clues Because you are my Scooby Doo snack I am your Scooby Doo. Happy birthday Rooooo

All those nasty birthday cards,Making fun of older people,Don’t they know you are vulnerable?They really shouldn’t be kidding.

Of course, you may be iron deficient,And vitamins A and D,But your heart is still young,Forever younger than me. Happy birthday!

Hurry up and blow out your candles, And hope the desire in your heart,To celebrate for so many years,Your birthday cake may catch fire!Happy birthday to you!

You are one year older The calendar must be wrong,But then again,It’s time to sing the “Birthday” song.

One day you might forget it,It will look brand new,When that day finally comes,I would love to sing it to you! Happy birthday!

You have always been my favorite I like you more than anyone else You brought out my inner child,Now it’s your turn to have fun.

May your birthday bring you happiness, And laughed all day,Just for my favorite,Nothing is too good for you. Happy birthday!

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May your birthday be special,Wish everything be as you wish May you only receive warm blessings, May you have a perfect day.

One day you walked into my life We became friends there, and then,You realized the impossible, You taught me how to smile again.

Now my smile will always be there,Taste happiness all the time,Happiness is your gift to me My gift to you is my smile. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Hope you get what you want And all your dreams come true,You deserve a truly magical day,When the magic happens only for you

Let’s play from morning to night,Because birthdays are once a year,Today should be special for you,Accompanied by birthday cheers.

I will fill a room with 1000 balloons,A birthday cake with frosting,Rows of candles light up your day, There are piles of gifts, you will like them.Happy birthday!

Blow out all your candles,Make a huge wish,I will make them all come true,Give you a big kiss.

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The rose is a striking red,Violet is a charming blue,But I have never seen a flower,Almost as beautiful as you.Happy birthday.

Birthday is more special,When everything is as you wish Everybody, every moment, Add up to a beautiful day.Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to you I just hope you are the best, Let’s start your celebration, And make today truly blessed.

Is by my side or miles away,You will always be my best friend Today, tomorrow or decades later,Our dear friendship will never end,

Your birthday is finally here to enjoy,We will party all day, only you and me,Every moment will be so beautiful,
I have nowhere to go.Happy birthday.

Brings all kinds of gifts every year,Maybe there are some wrinkles and some sagging,Stay healthy,It doesn’t make sense to feel bad.

You need to find your happy place,You need to insert happiness and play,Birthday reminds us to celebrate life,Happy birthday to you.

Sweet Happy Birthday Poems For Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Poems For Girlfriend

Your smile lights up my day,have nothing to say,Your endless conversation,The moon walks,You are the lover of my dreams Your eyes are shining,But today I want to tell you,You are special, happy birthday!Birthday poem for girlfriend My beloved, happy birthday,My love for you is so real My love for you feels so fresh,You inspired my life in many ways, When you are around, I have nothing to say,Your presence makes me feel good I’m enough with you Happy birthday, my love!

Another year has passed, my dear;It’s time to cut the cake to celebrate.Once again, my love, I started to think I appreciate the things about you.

Having you is of great significance in my life;Your care makes my life full of joy.Your enthusiasm and giving nature help to create Intimate, special time I cherish.

I live in a safe and stable world,Because you love me unconditionally.Your easy going way means i’m lucky Harmony with peace, joy and happiness.To me, your birthday is a precious day;I hope it can bring you happiness in all aspects.

Your birthday marks another year;Such a happy time, I cannot ask for more,Spend precious minutes, hours and days
With you, my love, the one I cherish and admire.

We have shared a lot, the two of us, in love and friendship;Every year our bonds seem to grow.I always want to be by your side;Being with you means knowing more than you can.

You are always by my side with a loving smile;I have never been happier than knowing that you are nearby.I thought my love for you could not be stronger;But this year I love you even more.

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Hey birthday love, i miss you On cloudy and sunny days.Every thought of you brings me joy, My dear dear dear!

So become my love for our life,I will also be your lover;Every birthday is an opportunity Come on, I only love you! ”

This is your birthday,But I am very lucky man, Who has to stay with you for another year.Today is your birthday, as you grow older,The more exciting you become.

This is your birthday,I am honored to be able to share these years with you.This is your birthday, every year I find that my love for you is getting deeper and deeper.

Today is your birthday, I am happily looking forward to it Every day we spend together.Today is your birthday, I want to know how I get along For all I don’t know your birthday.

Today is your birthday, it’s great How easy and enjoyable it is to be with you every day.Today is your birthday, no matter how fate arranges us,I know it will be a pleasure to spend a lifetime with you.

Today is your birthday, but I received a gift You will live another year in my life.

Happy birthday to you my dear,Happens every day,So i can celebrate you With a compliment bouquet.I will say you make me happy Just be you Your female charm makes me happyIn everything you do.

Your birthday is special I hope i have a chance Every day to express my love for you,With a gentle, sweet romance.

I think i just pretend Every day is the day you were born, Another chance Show you your value!

I am very happy on your birthday Spent another year with you,Bask in the special light of your love.May your birthday be full With joy and satisfaction, And that amazing happiness Whenever I am with you, I feel it.

If I can sing, I will sing a song.Full of love and praise,Use notes and melody,Music bouquet…

If I can draw, I use brush strokes Can tell you how I feel;With color, light and texture,I will prove that my love is real.

If I can fly, I will fly high,Grazing in the sky,Dragging a huge banner:is the one I love!

I can’t do these, but I can do:I can hug you tightly and say,I hope your birthday is the best,A buffet full of joy!

If it’s not your birthday,I will never know Satisfy Unconditional love, Continuous love,Piety that never fades or yields
No matter what the challenge,Obstacle or provocation.If it’s not your birthday,I won’t go through Fulfilled satisfaction Through amazing happiness I don’t even know it exists.If it’s not for your birthday I won’t have anyone
Who has been by my side Help and support me,Make life easy and peaceful.If it’s not your birthday,I won’t have you.
Oh, happy birthday, happy birthday!

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The special day you were born Full of fun;Our attraction and our caring bond It is the greatest wealth of my life.

Your birthday brings me happiness Filled me with emotion My gift to you is all my love And unshakable devotion.

My Dearest You just get better with every birthday.I like to laugh, play,talking, designing, making,sleep, snuggling, live, enjoy and relative to you.

It’s your birthday a wonderful gift to me,for it hath brought forth fruit unto thee,my beloved husband.Maybe we have more of your birthdays together.

The day you were born It was a big day indeed;It gave us the opportunity to meet,That’s exactly what I would need.

To share a life blessed with love,Filled with joy and wonder,And be close to you, partner,Like lightning and thunder.

The day you were born Desiring trumpets and songs,For that day the sweet love My life came.

It took years until we met,But that day is the thing That brought him to me,And it made my heart sing.

Your birthdays will fill me with joy,for to be with you is my delight, my joy.I hope and pray for many more years, many more birthdays reveal all aspects of my love for you:

The warmth of my heart when you are near,the ecstasy of being close to you,the joy of sharing our lives together,the sweet peace to know that you are me.On your birthday, be aware that I love you more than I can say,more than you can know.

My dear, happy birthday to you But it’s me who is blessed,Because I want to spend this year with you,In our cozy and warm nest.

You are a rare and beautiful person;You have pleasant attributes,Just like ability and wisdom,More importantly, a lot of cute ones!

You have mental strength and character Provide you with guidance;People feel this power in you,And care   about what you say.

So let us celebrate your birthday,Because without it I would never meet Dear, wonderful you,The best thing that happened to me

Heart Touching Happy Birthday Poems For Best Friend

Heart Touching Birthday Poems For Best Friend

Heart Touching Happy Birthday Poems For Best Friend

I wish you happier than the eyes can see.Happiness is deeper than the sea.The atmosphere is as strong as such a deep song.Blow out as many candles as possible.Happy birthday best friend!

Live like music.Move people’s hearts with rhythm.Like a song, alternate between verse and chorus.Fly higher, like an eagle in the sky,Take the lead, the new height is yours.Enjoy the love that every day brings.Happy birthday, dearest!

You are the unique friend I cherish,I love you, my dearest friend.We are in the same boat,You won it, you deserve admiration,Not to mention that you deserve all the praise.Let’s have fun, happy birthday, best friend!

If you need a shoulder, count me,For my best friend, I will redouble my efforts.I treasure your thoughts in my heart,
Eat cake and blow out candles.I am very happy to share your happiness today.This is a birthday poem for you, Happy birthday, my best friend.

Happy birthday, my best friend,Good times, we will always share.Happiness and happiness are the common thread,
Since you are the best friend,Friends forever and ever!

You are my best friend, I cherish it very much,The love we share has increased a lot.We will definitely be for a lifetime;You are someone I trust so much.Happy birthday, friends!

You are a true friend, I can trust.Our trust in each other is unlimited.We have gone through wind and rain,But we have survived with trust I believe you are like my heart.Enjoy all the love, happy birthday, Bestie!

You are my best friend, you know,On this day of your birthday,I wish you a new height,Because you were born for the top,In any case, your position is the most important.May you get all the longing in your heart,Happy birthday to you!

Your heart is a magnet,That brings me to you.Like a musical note,This brings me to the core.Happy birthday, best friend.

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Time can’t turn back I don’t want to go that way So every day is a new day When sharing with you A lovely trip

Adventure trip That’s it, when Share with real friends Happy birthday, best friend!

I said a lot I gave a lot of rhymes I picked up a lot of verses This is the song line for you However, through this melody By your side, there are cakes and candles And toast to your birthday.Happy birthday, Bestie!

What i have done is worthy of your kindness You are simply the best friend I want to thank you for your existence You are really a loyal friend,One thing is certain,This friendship will last a lifetime.Happy birthday, best friend!

Have a lot of friends There are different aspects of life There have been ups and downs Sometimes we let go of ourselves From sight to sight.

I know friendship is not an easy task,But you are always there,Hugs and kisses. Little bear Happy birthday, dear friend!

My good friend, I am who I am today Because i met the most amazing person The reason you are beautiful Behind the admiration of growing up with me How my life is shaped

I have a lot of great things to thank You are one of the best things that happened to me You gave me 10,000 reasons to be grateful today Because of your timely contribution, my life is complete This is my toast for your birthday celebration

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What to say on birthday Very important and always come true This is my warmest blessing to you May you achieve everything you are after May never be a moment in your life When you know nothing about life May you take to new heights Walk into more joy and happiness Friend, you know i support you!

Our friendship has no end Can’t be measured by time Our friendship flows like an ocean It adjusts to love and affection Our friendship is mouthful like a cake Delicious, precious, never fake Our friendship feels good and there is no falsehood.Happy birthday to your dearest beautiful!

On your birthday, this is my affirmation.I promise I will attend every birthday When it’s hard, I will always be Wish you success and progress Even if i’m at the end of the earth I will keep saying Happy birthday to my best friend

We have a lot of fun together Our friendship is destined to be No day to regret Not now or forever Bestie is who we really are Even in the days to come You will always be my best friend Happy birthday, friends!

Best friends help each other get better,And listen to each other’s suggestions Best friends help each other with higher goals.They rejoiced for each other’s success Best friends keep each other’s words

Funny Happy Birthday Poems For Her

Funny Happy Birthday Poems For Her

You may look a little old,It’s a pity that youth is not cheap,So skip all the Botox parties,Just make your beauty sleep.

I’m glad I’m still young,Still looks as good as gold,It’s a pity you are not a millionaire And you can’t let your appearance stand still.

This special birthday wish may come late,It may not make you very smart,But it’s okay to give it away Because it will not make your tired eyes tired.

This may not be the best birthday greeting,Maybe even not on time,But I think it’s better than nothing There is no other way but rhyme.

I know this gift will make you smile,It is very suitable for many of your adventures,Now you can take a bite of life, Bring a new set of dentures.

You think you are a rock star,Singing a song that is always sung,You act like Mick Jagger,But it sounds like William Hong.

You want to be famous,With your name under the light,You may eventually become a star,A karaoke night.

I don’t want to break your bubble,However, it’s time to tell you the truth,You may still have your own teeth,But your teeth are getting longer.

You can never win a gold medal,Your athletic ability is insufficient,You will never be in the Wheaties box, Unless channel surfing is a sport.

You are still a teenager inside,Eating in bed is commonplace Early bird dinner is not your style,Midnight pizza is more suitable for you.

No one has the right to call you old,Can still spend middle age,All parts of you are injured but still effective,Use the correct nip, folds and dosage.

You have never looked so young,Your head is hairier than your ears Your arms won’t sway like jelly,Acne still makes you cry.

So what if you are a little older What if you hurt from head to toe So what if your ears are full of hair So, what if you leave without getting up.

So what if you have smile lines So if you have jelly arms,So what if you suddenly feel that you are aging Your aging has already begun!

Today is your birthday,And you feel good,Your body is still working,You should really touch wood.

Your hair is a bit gray You have few wrinkles,You may not look 18 years old anymore,You still have acne like a teenager.

I am glad you feel as fresh as always,Despite the fact that you have matured,You said you have  vision, However, you are reading a book in large print.

In your heart you are still young But your vitality is open to question,It doesn’t matter anyway You can still enjoy the premium discount rate.

Another milestone birthday is here,And your precious brain is still stirring,You imagine yourself Albert Einstein,But you think like Keith Richards.

You don’t have Alzheimer’s Just your own sometimes,Sometimes you will remember,Sometimes you just don’t do it.

You remember what you forgot,But don’t remember what you forgot,Start planning your own surprise party, If your thoughts no longer stay on the pot.

May you have no memory,Among the people you wish to hike,May your good luck last for decades, Bring only the people you like.

May your eyes never fail you, When you need to distinguish,May your walkers go from zero to 60,So you can keep a safe distance.

Your birthday is a joyous moment,A special day for family and friends,It’s time to tell you how good you look, When we check you for signs of decay.

Our loving, caring smiles will not lie,Our flattery only makes sense,When we say you look like a teenager,We mean you are losing your youth.

No one can leave the beauty here,This should be clear at your stage,Deep down you know this is true,Even the best faces will sag with age.

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