Happy Birthday Text at Midnight – 12AM Wishes

Happy birthday text at midnight

How do you wish someone a happy birthday at 12 AM: When you wake up in the middle of the night and you need happy birthday text at midnight to copy and send to your friend to be the first person to wish him or her. Sincerely, it happen at times that you will assume to be the first friend whose birthday text message will be delivered to the inbox of the celebrant. It is not because you want to win a prize from doing so but to make your wishes to him or her more valuable. Especially if the celebrant is your personal person, lover or bestie, you won’t like to lag behind of any of his or her other friend. While the truth remain that it’s not everyone that can take midnight time to do the texting.

So, do not bother yourself too much looking forward to getting a happy birthday text at midnight. Here are many of the kinds for you to choose from. You have multiple of the midnight birthday texts that can fit in for the best wishes for your lover, friend or relative.

Happy Birthday Text at Midnight for Lover

It is not actually easy to stay awake in order to send birthday text in midnight to someone unless the person in question is so important. 

  • Saying happy birthday to you is never a competition but I want to take this early moment of night to wish a prosperous birthday. You are so dear to my personality that I can let this time bypass me without sending my love. Happy birthday honey pie.
  • My amazing sweetheart, I thought shopping for you won’t do everything I desire for your birthday. It can only accompany the celebration on point. It my heart that holds the best of everything for you forever. As new day is breaking, enjoy your day.
  • I don’t want to be the second person to send birthday wishes to you today your bright birthday. For this reason, I take this opportunity of the midnight to wish you happy birthday. Do not forget to prepare for the party I have arranged for you. I wish you the best of the birthday!
  • Superb quality of love is determined by the state of sincerity from the two sides of love which means from you and me. Since our love is true forever, I am glad to say happy birthday to you my lover.
  • I have experienced many best in this world and all the moments ranged from the time I had met you. Simply put, you are the best thing I am talking about here. Today is your personal day. I mark it with you. Happy birthday my sweetest love!
  • Thereis no offence if I say it openly that you are the lover that heaven sent to me. I have experienced a lot of disappointment in love but your existence in my life has turned all to blessings. A very big thanks to the heaven. Have a blessed birthday honey!
  • It is a good thing that I am privileged to say thank you to you today your birthday. Wow! Being with you has been blessings to me in millions of ways. Happy birthday my ever best sweetheart!
  • We don’t only celebrate your birthday but also marking a moment of our union. Do not forget we still have a lot to do when the day break. Happy birthday.
  • I couldn’t sleep until this time of midnight because I keep remembering your birthday and its significance in my entire life. Nice birthday to you honey.
  • The fact remains that I am so fortunate to be the person in whom you found trusted love. And I wish to remain that fortunate and more forever.


Happy Birthday Text in Midnight for Friend

Let us look at more ways best for wishing someone happy birthday at midnight especially friend:

  • The most important friend I have, toady is all about you and we are also talking about those things you have done to help our friendship grow. Much have to say on this type of day. Happy birthday!
  • It is obvious that you will be so happy to witness a new age of yours. I am so happy too. Enjoy your birthday friend.
  • Truly, I know myself but it’s to a little extent. But you my friend know me better than I do. To the best friend that values our friendship, happy birthday!
  • There are many ways through which we can identify a friend who is a friend indeed to us. Honestly, you are the perfect sample of the true friend. I wish a sweet birthday.
  • I had to struggle out sleep from my eyes because I want to be the first person whose wishes you will receive on this your day. I think I have achieved that. Happy birthday friend.
  • Sincere and honest friend is very hard to get but out of fortune, I get one which is you and I am going to value you forever. This is one of the reasons why I wake up this midnight to get across to you my sweet wishes for your birthday. My amazing friend, I wish many happy returns of this day.
  • Friend, your birthday is here at last. Early this morning, we are going to book a venue for the party. So, head up and be happy since we are celebrating you today and I wish many of it in better fulfilling life.
  • Someone who has lived a fulfilling life must be someone whose life has contributed positive impacts in one or the other to another person’s life. Seriously, I can’t forget how beneficial you have been to my entire life. Happy birthday to you my amiable and favourite friend.
  • The kindness of friendship is sweet when it’s coming from someone special to our heart. I can never trade the benefits of friendship I am getting from you with anything in the world. Interestingly, you are the best and best is coming from you. Happy friendship birthday.
  • The clock says it is midnight but in my own sense, it is the best time to wish you well on your birthday. So, I am joining the globe saying hello and happy birthday to you.

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12 AM Birthday Wishesishes Quotes for Relative

At this juncture, let us go through some midnight birthday texts for relative, sister or brother precisely. Be the first person to wish your family happy birthday this morning. Check below for collection of interesting happy birthday text at midnight for any of your relatives:

  • For brother

  • Brother, as your age is getting increased and you are getting better along the way, so my biological love is increasing for you. Happy birthday my cute brother.
  • I know what it entails to enjoy a brotherly relationship. It actually takes grace of the Almighty to associated with a caring brother like you. I appreciate your all time presence and for this purpose, I’m celebrating with you your birthday.
  • We know better days will come for us to enjoy our lives more. Let’s just be glad that we are getting closer to the better days. Adding a new age today is an evidence of better tomorrow for you and me. Continue growing brother. Happy birthday!
  • The best and brightest day of this year has finally come that we normally celebrate your new age. Let nothing stops us from shouting for joy of your birthday.
  • Bro, I know you can never fathom how long I have been waiting to welcome this day. You are a good brother to me. Happy birthday to you cute bro.
  • For Sister

  • Sister, though we are not together today but I can’t forget the bound of love that join us together. I am very free this night to wish you happy birthday and I am glad to celebrate you.
  • It is my brightest and the most gorgeous looking sister marking her new age. Wake up today, dress up gorgeously and let’s party together because it’s your birthday!

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