250+ Heart Touching Love Letter to My Wife

Heart touching love letter to my wife: Every capable husband should bear his wife’s birthday in mind ahead of the day in a way that he won’t forget.

It’s not a good idea if another man use the period of a woman’s birthday to get closer to her unknown to her husband. Naturally, when a couple are in courtship, they easily bear each other’s birthday in mind.

In fact, no one will need to remind them of their spouse’s birthday before they remember. The main reason behind this is that they were still trying to win over each other’s heart into genuine love.


When a couple just got married, it is possible that they set aside some minutes before their spouse’s birthday to write an interesting birthday letter because the marriage is still fresh.

Some husbands don’t need to write letter to wish their wife happy birthday because they wake up together everyday. So, there is no need for composing and sending any birthday wishes.

Mostly, the kind of husband that need birthday letter for his wife on her birthday is that who live far away from his wife.

The possible reason why a united couple might be living far away from each other is profession. But still, either you live under the same roof with your wife or you live separately from each other,

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you should include sending heart touching birthday letter for wife using any social media platform. Or memorise it and use it while greeting her physically.

Romantic Letter to Wife from Husband

Dear honey pie,

Good morning dear and have a wonderful birthday. You have been the greatest source of support and backup for me ever since when I had you pronounced as my wife.

The community will say you are my wife, but to me, you are seriously more than a wife. If you are not my wife, I would have gone more extra mile making a way to get closer to you as a friend if I can’t have you as my legal wife.

Fortunately enough, you are mine and not for anyone else. Behind everyone who is a successful man in life, a genuine and concerned woman like you must be found.

I am so fulfilling because you’re destined to be inside my life. Since when you have become my wife, only fortunes were coming my way.

Therefore, misfortunes are being far away from my side and I am getting more capable to take care of you. Confidently, I can say that I picked the most rightful wife.

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Some will get married. Along the way, they will be regretting lamenting the choice of a wrong wife. But in my own life, I rejoice because I am so fortunate to have you as my wife.

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Though our marriage is still fresh but we have gone very far in achieving what couples in many years of marriage have not achieved.

Now, we can see it clear the backbone behind the progress which is our unity and undivided love. You care so much for that I can’t do anything without you.

It is your words of encouragement and motivation that always inspire my decisions. Those decisions are what we see today as “our achievements”. Big thanks to you who have helped our marriage to do well.

This morning, I wish you the best birthday ever and I want you to make pronouncement of your wishes for your birthday.

And I am going to granted. I don’t need to be afraid because I trust you  that you won’t ask what is beyond my capacity.

You are a year older today, may you continue growing in undiluted love for me and our coming children. The wisdom and understanding that we share will keep multiplying. Devil will not have place in our marriage. Happy birthday to you my wife!

Yours in love,

Heart Touching Love Letter to My Wife

Today is your wife’s birthday, without any hesitation, you need to write long love letters for her from the heart of yours. But I have done the writing, all left now is to copy or memorize for oral delivery or toast. Below is another love letter for her birthday;

My lovely wife,

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For many years in our marriage, each time I look into the stars, I tried to count might be I could know the number of the galaxy. But it always proved to be impossible.

The same way I count the number of moments I think about you in a minute. Apparently, trying to stay a second without you in my mind is ever a mistake.

Not only me make mistake of the identity, the world too make similar mistake about you. The world keep searching tiredly for the most important treasure in the universe without knowing that the treasure is living under the same canopy of love with me.

You are not the best treasure for nothing. Being like that, I am able to insulate the best of myself into making this life the best place for you and I to live as husband and wife.

Honestly, you are the best content of love and affection. With your presence in my life, I have the idea of what it means to have a wonderful woman in one’s life.

My beautiful wife, without leaving each other’s side, we have been able to go through a lot exactly as the world made us. Therefore, I have earned the gut to endure anything with you no matter how sweet and tough.

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Is it not you who never care about my mistakes but helping out of them instead? Each time I fell, I received lifting up from your hands. When I needed a heart to love me, your heart would never fail to make the sacrifice.

You don’t only look at me but you also take our children’s welfare as important as life itself. I don’t forget that age is just a number as people normally say.

It’s achievements they called the most tangible in life. Wow! Only wonderful woman would consider her children as part of her achievements with her husband.

If I should start saying thank you for all the support you have rendered to me since when I got married to you, I would remain talking until next five years.

I trust you won’t let me do that because today is your birthday and we have to set up a party for you. Absolutely, we should paint the town in red for the celebration of new age you attained today.

Don’t worry that I won’t be able to invite the whole very important persons of the world. I feel like trying to invite at the American president to come and say to you some words of birthday.

Not only that, inviting the best musician of the world is in my agenda too… Honey, don’t be upset that I am pulling your leg. I know the kind of wife you are. I am the whole world to you.

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Thank you so much for taking me as the everything you ever wanted. I remember you always say that I am everything you ever had in the world.

Having you in my life might be the reward for something good I had given to the world in the past moment of life.

Your birthday will blessed more than you could ever imagined. This new age of yours will be greatly honoured with huge blessings that would keep multiplying forever.

The years to come will be filled with lots of testimonies that you would never be able to forget because they would keep seeing all around your life.

None of the valuable things you have in your life will be taken away from you including the love we shared. Happy birthday to you my beautiful, excellent, exceptional and diligent wife and life partner. Long life and prosperity.

Yours in love,

I believe your landing on this page which is not by an accident but because you’re searching for romantic letter to wife from husband has been vindicated with the above happy birthday love letters to wife. Keep sharing the love with your wife.

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