130+Powerful Love Letters to Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Love letters to girlfriend on her birthday takes a vibrant role in boosting a love relationship between a boyfriend and his girlfriend.

The important of sending a love letter to your girlfriend on her birthday is to mark the birthday for her with sweet words that she will never forget. Girls have retentive memories to hold what you say to them on important days of their lives.

Apparently, birthday is one of those important days of their lives. So, when you have a girlfriend and today is her birthday or her birthday is just on the way, you should prepare a love letter like ones here for her.

Girls normally have many suitors. Therefore, you should ensure that the love letter you want to choose for her birthday makes enough sense.

You don’t need to trouble your head anymore writing a love letter to girlfriend on her birthday. Check the following ones out now. In fact, your girlfriend will not forget you throughout today and forever will be even taken to forget.

Love Letters For Her

Love Letter to Girlfriend on Her Birthday

My darling,

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Before I have you said yes to be my girlfriend, I was thoughtless but now, I am thoughtful thinking of how my life would have been provided I remained without you. How formless and shapeless it would have be if I am with someone else who is not you. From what I noted, you are the perfect person who fits to be in my life. The kind of girlfriend that a man would dream of having is exactly you. In fact, I really don’t know where to start talking about how special and remarkable you. Even I am able to start, I believe I might not be able to stop.

Keep smiling my sweetheart as it is your logo. You are so beautiful that I keep remembering the imagery of your smiles even when I am sleeping. You’re so kind that I can’t do without remembering how good you have been to me. The reason why I want to keep loving you is you personally because the love I have to you remains fresh and new every second of the day. You are so loving in every way that my thoughts stay. As the only angel taking the responsibilities of taking care of my heart, you give me so much strength and maximum support.

From my side, it is not necessary that you get yourself worried over the situation of my love for you. The fact about the situation of my heart is that it’s helping the love growing more and beyond what anyone could imagine. The reason is that you actually belong to me. Since when I have known you, I have become the happiest person in the whole world. The same way, I am pledging to make you the happiest person more than birds of the sky are happy. Your birthday also should be the time to share romantic dinner together.

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In my heart, I feel like you have bewitched me with your love. Now, I do feel hungry of your affection each minute you seem to be away from my side. And the hunger of love make me feel so uncomfortable unless I see you around me. So, do not forget me.

I pray for blessings to be bestowed upon your head. You will never be a slave to anyone but the head who leads others. Many things cause joy to happen in someone’s life; may all the causes of joy become your intimate friends. I believe you have thousands of dreams that will surely come true this time of your birthday. No one can see the end of the sea, may no one see the end of our love. The sky remains there forever, the same way, our love will remain forever. Happy birthday to you my sweet girl friend.

Yours affectionately,


Open Letter to My Girlfriend on Her Birthday


Exactly like this day few years ago, a beautiful queen was born into the world to grow up and become a brilliant and intelligent sweetheart of mine. To make the deal a complete one, you turn me to be the luckiest person in the whole universe as you also fall in love with me.

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Honey, this morning as you open your alms to welcome us into your birthday party, I wish to be the one who will romantically place your birthday cake on the table already decorated for it.

I am not taking permission to do this for you today. We have already known the right person to perform this task and it no one else but me.

I am your boyfriend and this your birthday means so much to me. Birthday can only be celebrated once in this year which is today.

This is normal but I still want us to celebrate this your birthday in a way that tomorrow and everyday henceforth will keep looking fresh. In fact, tonight will be so special for you as I am going to stay close to you throughout.

Let us paint the town in red with your birthday cake taking the lead, following by the candles of love, beautiful roses, red wines, and lots more.

Setting all these in place, I am going to kiss you in hundred times, hugging you in thousand times, and cuddle you in million times. Whereas, you are completely my own woman and my entire world.

Your decency, smartness, craziness, funny, intelligence, wisdom, beauty and optimistic features are the correct fragrances that you have bewitched me with.

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Exactly like the brightness of the sun, your love shine so bright in my heart that nothing can overcome it.

My promise is to never leave you. As I’m joining the whole world in making your birthday a memorable one, I am promising to make our love journey one without ending.

May you forever remain blessed and be extremely happy. My one and only princess, happy birthday!

Yours in sweet love,


At this juncture, I am so sure that you have nothing else to be worried about as regard getting a love letter to girlfriend on her birthday to make your lover smile.

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