160 Lovely New Month Wishes, Quotes & Images

With the month coming to an end and the beginning of new approaching, you might want to send people a new month wishes. Be it friends, family, lovers, co-workers and so on; we have the perfect message to welcome them to the new month wishes. Bellow are our collection of happy new month wishes.

Best Happy New Month Wishes

We wish you a month filled with new opportunities and great news. Happy New Month!

Happy New Month! The upcoming month will make you more wiser, happier, and kinder.

Happy New Month! Every day can be a source of happiness!

The upcoming month may bring you new inspiration! Happy New Month!

You have another chance to start over in a new month, so don’t give up! All the best!

Love, Happy New Month! I hope to be more fondly with you in the next month, and spend every moment of it right beside you!

Good morning, and welcome to the new month! It’s full of hope and great things. Happy New Month!

Let go of all the mistakes from the past and look forward to making the most this month. All the best for the new month!

I wish you all a happy month. A month full of happiness, love, and prosperity.

This new month may bring greater opportunities for you and your family. We wish you a happy month!

As the new month begins, I hope you can let go of all your sorrows and burdens to start a new chapter in your life filled peace, love, and all things bright and beautiful. Happy New Month.

Dear, I hope that you will use this month to conquer everything. This month may bring you nothing but goodness and good fortune.

This new month should be filled not with regrets nor letdowns, but with breathtaking moments and unmeasurable joy. Today and tomorrow, may the Lord bless you.

It’s a new month. A month of hope. Let the new month bring you more joy, happiness and laughter. My best friend, Happy New Month!

Don’t panic if life is dragging your back with problems. Focus, aim, and shoot until you reach the stars. You will one day be successful, no matter what.

You are one step closer to your happiness and realizing your dreams. You’ll soon reach your goal if you keep running.

The new month is here to erase all negativity and bring you all the positive energy to make your life better. Happy new month.

New Month Wishes For Sister

New Month Wishes For Sister

New Month Wishes For Sister

A new month, a new start. The purpose of your min New Month Wishes is settled to commit abuse. There is nothing to prevent you from achieving unprecedented success. Nothing gets in the way.

This month is the month of your divine grace and breakthrough. Sister, I can’t wait to celebrate you. sister happy New month.

A person who works as hard as you my sister deserves the best. Huh! You are an amazing bunch of tireless energy.

We hope this month you will be happy in an unimaginable way, all your efforts will be fulfilled, and you will have remarkable success in everything. May God always bless all your efforts. happy New month my sister.

Sister  am grateful that we are all alive to witness the beginning of a new month wishes. I pray that we will witness countless more. Go for a new month wishes. You deserve the best. May the Lord promise all your wishes. Happy new month.

This year has passed very quickly, and it is good to know that you have made the same progress in new month wishes all areas of your life.

May you never stand still again. From then on, you always move forward and always backward. I hope you can taste the deliciousness of success in all your efforts. Keep winning. I believe you. Happy new month.

happy new month wishes

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Every day this month, may you have a reason to smile. May all your experiences make your heart happy. I hope you never know the shame, I hope you enjoy the fame. May your barn be full of milk and honey. Happy new month sister.

May all the dreams in your heart be fulfilled this month. May all your wonderful ideas be expressed. May you open the door for you. May your health flourish. Happy new month.

Your hands, although slender, are strong. You are the most diligent hand I know. May they bring you a good harvest this month. May you be celebrated every quarter of this month, because your diligence makes way for you. Happy new year, my love.

May the Lord agree with all your plans for this month. May he say yes to your new month wishes success and promotion. May God’s grace and mercy follow you as you pass through the months. May you enjoy grace and be truly happy. Happy new month.

May you find happiness in this new month wishes work. May everything you do bring you happiness and peace. May the Lord guide you every step and lead you along the way. May you wear success new month wishes as a badge of honor. Happy new month.

May all the best this month and good for you.  new month wishes all the best in all your efforts. One month was as good as you. Happy new month.

This month’s results will give you the special blessings you deserve. Have a fruitful harvest. Happy new month to you.

This month, I’m announcing that nothing will hold you back. Nothing can stop you from being what and where you want to be. Nothing can stop you from fulfilling your dreams and aspirations. You are the winner, this month and always. Happy new month to you.

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When others say that throwing down, this month you will enjoy God’s lifting up and grace. Miracles and witnesses will abound as your portion. Happy new month to you.

During this month, you may be getting stronger and better. May you find strength in your spirit, soul and body. Unusual motivation will vary and set you apart for greatness. Happy new month to you.

I really hope that this New Month Wishes will find all the love and happiness you deserve. Everything works out in your favor. Have a very enjoyable month.

In this new month, kindness will be your partner. Success will be your umbrella. Blessings will find you, and all the favors will belong to you. Happy new month.

Instead of judgment, may you find mercy in this new month wishes. It’s better to be at ease than worrying.

May your life and family experience the infinite and overwhelming love of the Lord. May this New Month Wishes be a positive difference for you. Happy new month.

May you fully enjoy all the blessings of this month. May your head not be short of oil, and may your barn not be short of food. May your pockets never be empty. May you get everything you need to live a good life. Have a wonderful month.

Whatever you are determined to achieve this month, do it. The Lord will support you, support you. You will succeed and never feel ashamed. This new month wishes, you will celebrate and be celebrated. I wish you a happy new month.

As you spend this month, may you travel in peace, love, happiness and prosperity. May your light be seen by everyone. Happy new month. I wish you more beauty here.

Welcome to a brand new month. I encourage you to go all out this month. I challenge you to make up your mind to excel. I believe in you, and I pray that these lines will fall where you like.

New Month Wishes To My love

New Month Wishes To My love

Hey, dear, we passed another new month wishes before I blinked. Baby, to make up for the previous month, believe me, I have ordered a brand new heart from the treasure house of heaven for our love adventure, and all our dreams will be realized with love as the anchor. Happy New month, dear.

This is a new dawn, my love. A new day is full of love. I know that the new week will be full of endless wealth. For you and me, it will be a happy new month. Honey, you know that my heart will always belong to you, nothing can change this. Happy new month, my love.

I just quiet the sun. I don’t need its light for this new moon, because you are the sunshine in my world. With you, I can see the end of the world through the light in your eyes in this new month wishes. I love you baby. I wish you a happy new month. God bless you really well.

Without my thanks to Heavenly Father, this new month wishes would not be perfect in all the moments we share together. Wishing you happy New Year, refresh my heart.

I thought about it today and wanted to say it in an unusual way, but my gorgeous heart kept talking about the new month of prosperity to the love of my life and the guardian of our love adventure. Everything is going well in the new month, Sugarplum

I have asked nature to put everything else aside until she is sure that this new month is full of good things and packages designed for people who perfect me in every possible way. Happy and beautiful new month wishes.

So I was privileged to hear the conversations of two angels the other day and they mentioned bringing you good news in the new month that fulfills all the desires of your heart. So that’s it! Happy month my love, my superhero.

This is your new month of life innovation and an overflow of happiness. Halo Babe, it’s going to be a beautiful new month for you and me rockin ’and more. Happy new month to you, my love.

Listen to this, my Sugarplum my love. This new month wishes will tell of your greatness, deny you shame in every way, prove the success of your career and find your fall all day in this new month through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Happy new month to you.

Success will be your crown, joy will be your gown, all your haters and enemies will be drowned in this new month for your life is a great witness, Darling. What a spicy new month ahead, my love.

You see this new month because God loves you and there is nothing the enemy can do about it. So this new month wishes follows excellence, success, good news and total profit like yours. Happy, beautiful new month.

I dedicate the beginning and every other day of this new month to you. There is no doubt that every day of this month will be happier for us than ever before. I love you, diary. happy New Year my love.

I have held my breath since I last spoke last night. To make sure you are the first person to say a happy new month to this new month. Darling, I’ve given you everything, so please help me check if my mind is still pumping. Happy new month, my love.

Hush minute, am I the only one who has discovered that this new month will make us extremely successful and successful? Okay, now I’ve told you, not just me. I thank God for you, Babe. Happy new month to you my love

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Have a nice smile, travel any mile, dance around the tile and call the dial because it’s a happy new month designed just for you.

Love for you comes so easily because you are the best gift from God to me. The new month brings us higher into a deeper love for each other. Happy new month to you, Sweetheart.

You prefer to go out, your income is blessed, your crafts will prosper beyond your wildest imagination for the days of this new month wishes. This sends my love to welcome you to the new month.

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My love, as we launch into this new month I urge you to launch into a tidy, drop into plentiful opportunities and get a handful of gains over all your struggles. It’s a new month to celebrate our love like never before.

Babe, keep on rejoicing as waves of Angels come with quick answers to your prayers on this new month wishes and every day of your life. Happy new month to you, Darling.

I asked for blessings and Heaven promised to send all the wonderful blessings available for this new month and every other day. Happy new month to you, Sweetheart.

Do not worry, do not be afraid, let everything go but God, God alone is enough. May God fill your heart with joy and peace for the rest of your life. Happy new year dearies.

May the shining light of greatness shine upon your life and endeavors in this new month, and fill your days with blessings of peace, happiness and good intentions. Happy new month my love.

Hear this, a new month equals new blessings, new glad tidings, new joy, new grace, new peace and between us, a new height of love now and always. Happy new month my love.

In this new month, your own joy will surely be perfect even in the face of life’s challenges, victory songs will not cease from your beautiful lips and each new day will bring you closer to the completion of your great destiny. Happy new month, sunshine.

Your ways are proclaimed prosperous, your heavens are declared open, your joy is declared fully, and your journey will be smooth throughout the new month. Just my way of saying happy new month to the love of my life.

New Month Wishes For Myself

I wish myself a happy new month with many blessings and fulfillments. This new month has a lot of glory in store for me . What i lost last month, i will get it back this month. Happy New Month!

This new month will take back all my  negativities of the past months and give me the abundance of positivity and make my life more wonderful than it was before. I wish myself all the best in this new month.

Welcome to the new month that will embrace me with much love and adorn me with colors of blessings. It will be the best of the best months i will ever encounter. Happy new month!

Don’t worry if i didn’t achieve what i wanted and hoped for last month. Another month has come to make all my unfulfilled wishes and expectations become reality. Happy new month.

Unlike other months, this new month will not only make you older, but also make me wiser and more fabulous. Welcome to the month of greatness. am’i are a blessing to you. happy new month

All the days of this month will be filled with unspeakable joy, unchanging laughter and unshakable peace. Happy new month,

May doors of grace, favor, joy, greatness, exaltation, abundance, prosperity, peace and love be open to me this month and all life’s adventures. Happy new month to myself,

When we push the calendar to another new month today, my biggest wish is that all my wishes will come true, all our  dreams will come true, and our  wishes surpass our craziest dreams. happy new month!

My will experience God’s grace and new dimensions of grace. You will never be overwhelmed by all firm hopes, because God’s hopes of making me a public eye will always come true. This is my prayer for myself new moon, my love. Happy new wishes to me.

In the new month, no obstacles can prevent me from succeeding, no doubts will prevent me from going higher, and no stumbling blocks will make me get into trouble on this new moon and every other day.  Happy new month.

At the beginning of a new month, i will reach the peak of greatness. Every morning of the new moon, i will be exposed to the nectar from the sky, and i will be the first of my peers in everything i do. Welcome to the great new month. Happy new wishes to me.

In the new month, I pray from the bottom of my heart, tears away from my, laughter close to my, sadness does not see your residence, but happiness will wake me up every day in the new month. Happy new month.

In the new month, every day i see is happy, every time i spend is fruitful, and every time i try is successful. I look forward to rocking this new moon with me.Happy new month.

Which do you prefer, an adventure to Disneyland or you rockin ‘the beach chair tonight? Make your choice, Darling and you will have it instantly. Just to let you know for sure it’s going to be a whole new month of love and happiness for us. Happy new month, my sweetheart and Soulmate.

I am for you and you are for me, nothing else matters to me. That is my goal in the new baby, Baby. Happy new month .

My shortcomings have not stopped God from helping me to find those without fault, the one who fills me in a way that finds out. Happy new month .

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I want you to be a mother to my children. No one else has specs to do that but you. Happy new month to you, my love. Let’s go on an adventure as the new month unfolds.

In the new month, you will not sweat to get anything you want and will always be from me to you to be a joy and delight in every moment we share together. My love, I wish you a happy and prosperous new month.

Everything you say this month will come to you in obedience and nothing will deny your beautiful voice. Happy new month .

May all the abundance of God’s favor follow you through this wonderful new month. Happy new month to you,

I am not sure that honey is sweeter than the love you have shown me and I must thank you for all the care and love you have shown me. Happy new month.

This new month, I promise to make sugar the envy of the sweetness of the love I have shown you. Love you, Sugarplum. I wish you a beautiful new month ahead of you.

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Babe, just accept whatever direction you turn this month, favor, joy, peace, and success await you. Happy new month

My love for you is wider than the size of the earth, beyond the distance to Mars and closer than sweat to the skin.Happy new wishes to me

The deepest prayers of my heart are that all your wishes will be fulfilled this new month and you will have 1 million reasons to be thankful to our God for the good things he brings along your way. Happy new month to you, my Soulmate.

As i go about my daily business through this month, everything will be easy for me, no problem will overwhelm me because i am  more than a conqueror. Happy new month wishes

Take advantage of this new month for myself. and count the days with me in love and joy. Happy new month.

I can and will do anything for myself, just to show me how I feel and love myself. Happy new month .

To the one who stole my heart and I am proud to tell the whole world that you mean everything to me. Happy new month .

I want to build three houses for us. One for you, one for me and one for our love. I want it as safe as Heaven. Ready for this adventure? Happy new month

May goodness be found in the north, favor in the south, peace in the East and prosperity in the West. Happy new month

Just talk something and it will be yours. That’s all you have to do this new month. Say it and receive it, for all the blessings of this new month are with you in the mighty name of Jesus. Happy new month.

New Month Quotes And Prayers

New Month Quotes And Prayers

New Month Quotes And Prayers

Happy new month to those who care about my heart. I wish you the most exciting days ahead.

The new month brings new opportunities, all you have to do is cover each new month with an open mind.

Learn the lessons of yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

The first day of the new month wishes

means that no matter where you have been… you can start over today. Grab it!

A new month, a new intention, a new goal, a new love, a new light, a new beginning.

May this month bring you peace, love and other benefits that follow. Dear, a happy new month.

The first step in reaching a certain place is to decide that you will not stay where you are.

May you find endless peace in your life after entering this month! New opportunities will open up for you.

No matter what the new month wishes brings you, whether it is good or bad; in any case, always keep a smile on your face.

Happy March. March is here. May this new month bring us good luck and happiness. Happy new month.

Happy new month. I pray that God will take away your worries, failures and anxiety from you in the new month.

You have many dreams to realize; I pray that all your dreams will be realized this month because you are special.

No matter what happens, or how bad it looks today, life will continue, and tomorrow will be better.

Each new moon is like a new piece of paper. Only you decide what to write on it… I wish you all the best!

When the first sun of this new moon rises, may your wealth begin to rise one by one until you achieve your goal.

Nothing is doomed. Your past obstacles can be a gateway to a new beginning.

For last month’s words belong to last month’s language and next month’s words are waiting for another voice. Happy new month!

November the last month of autumn, but the beginning of a new adventure. Time to take risks and do the unexpected.

Let your days from this month become happier, more fulfilling, more purposeful, more fulfilling and more joyful.

The purpose of a new month is not that we should have a new month. It is that we must have a new soul.

Life is overflowing with the new. But it is necessary to empty the old to make room for the new to come in.

May the love of the Lord fill your heart with a speed of light as we enter this blessed month; smile because the Lord is with you.

Because it’s a long, long time from May to December. But the days get shorter when you’re in September.

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Here is the wish for you the new coming month. May this month be the best and happy month for you. Happy new month.

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As this new month opens a new leaf, the doors of success in your life may open one after the other. Happy new month.

While no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now on and make a brand new ending.

See how time flies? It’s a new month and I want to be the first to say I love you because I really do. Have a great

Look positively at the mistakes of the previous month, because they can teach you and make you wiser and stronger this month.

Hey you, it’s a new month again, may your new month be filled with laughter and happiness that extends to all the months to come.

Let the last month fall into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God it can go.

Happy April. It’s a new month which means new opportunities. Stay positive, confident and patient. Work on your goals and smile more.

Do you know what a new month means to you? You get older and wiser and more mature with each month that is added to your life.

Happy new month. It’s a new beginning, make the most of it. Set goals, work hard and achieve them. Keep working for a better future.

I wish you a colorful new month with many achievements and promises to be fulfilled. You never know what tomorrow has in store for you!

Make every minute of this new month wishes count. Embrace every second with enthusiasm. Live your days with excitement. Have a blessed month.

You can have a fresh start any time you want, because what we call ‘failure’ is not falling, it’s staying down.

A new beginning to look forward to…forgetting what lies beyond…I’m pushing towards the goal.

I pray this new month wishes will bring a sweet reward to every drop of your sweat. May excellence mark you for favor. May all your days go well with you.

Every day is an opportunity to start over. Don’t focus on yesterday’s failures, start today with positive thoughts and expectations.

May this month bring us patience and courage, for they are the keys to all doors of success. Wishing you a very successful new month!

May you bring brighter tomorrow, may this month bring more success, I wish this month bring more inspiration and joy into your life. Happy new month!

Hello October. I wish this new month to be as bright as the sun, as cheerful as butterflies, as beautiful as flowers and as beautiful as you are. Happy new month!

Let this new month wishes bring great miracles, new adventures, incredible breakthroughs, new visions and greater blessings to you and your loved ones.

Brand new year, brand new you. new month wishes! May this new month of the year bring you so much happiness. Let’s toast to a fresh start and new chapters.

New Month Wishes To My Husband

New Month Wishes To My Husband

Welcome to the month of success and divine grace. You have always made me a happy woman, so I hope you are happier in this new month, dear. Happy new month, my love.

A new dawn, a new month, fresh blessings and undiluted grace. These are yours, my dear husband. Thank you for loving me with my shortcomings. Happy new moon, baby.

I know you will not be able to achieve all your goals last month. In the new month, I hope all your plans can be realized. Happy new month, dear.

This month, your promotion is coming. So rejoice and love this new moon baby. Happy new month.

It’s a new month! May your dreams come true this month. Enjoy the new month, my king.

Even if you don’t care about your losses, you always put a smile on people’s faces. So, get ready to receive blessings from all angles. Happy new month, dear.

The new month will become the last month, but I pray that your blessing will not become the past. Welcome to the great month, handsome husband.

In the new month, I wish you endless happiness, lasting happiness, and the fruits of your labor. Happy New Year, my king.

Dear husband, you worked hard last month. So, this month is the month for you to reap the fruits of your hard work. Happy new month, dear.

My lovely husband, I would like to make a lot of money this month, and the husband and wife are loving. Happy New Year, dear.

Dear, I hope you enter this new month wishes with hope and a positive attitude, because this will be the month when prayers are answered. Happy New Year, my crown.

I pray for you, in the new month, may you receive abundant grace and blessings. Happy New Year, my husband.

Children love you, people cherish you, and I admire you. You give without complaint. In this new month, God will give you unexpected favors. Enjoy, baby.

Step into new things solemnly like a king and enjoy the blessings that come with it. Happy New Year, my king.

This is a productive and fulfilling month. Enjoy it dear husband.

May you prosper and prosper in this new month. Happy new baby month.

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New month wishes dream big, fearless, work hard, pray harder and see how the new month is going to make you more happy. Happy new month to you, O king.

With no sunlight to cover, in this new month, you may be shining longer than you expected. Happy new month to you, sweetheart.

In this new month wishes, I am praying for terms that will make you smile and of course the children and I are against it. Walk into the new month with joy. Happy new month to you, dear.

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Don’t wait for the previous month’s failure, just look at the reasons and make changes. I know this month will be good for you. Have a perfect month, my love

There are 4 weeks in a month. I wish you a favor in the first week, no stress in the second week, a break in the third week and a full coronation, success in the fourth week. So be a month of endless blessings, the beat of my heart.

In this new month wishes, people may be blessed. I wish you a happy month, my child.

I wish my crown more money this new month. Happy new month to you, sweet man.

You are not only a hero to the children and to me but also to colleagues and neighbors. Continue to be loving, dear. Happy new month to you.

Every week in this new month wishes works in your favor. Happy new month to you.

In this new month wishes, may you sit among kings and the richest and not just among men. Happy new month to you, O king.

God bless this month for the sake of my baby. It means you should take a break this month and kill all your worries because he found you, my love.

A new month wishes is like a flower, it grows on the first day. May you prosper and grow as you enter this month. Have a blessed month my love.

The last day of the previous month is gone, forget it. The first day of the new month is now, accept it. Happy new month of my heart.

Bananas are peeled before you eat, you may reveal the riches this month and embrace it. Happy new month to you, my child.

More good news and testimonials from you this new month are yours. Enjoy his goodness, my love.

May you get double for your hard work and effort. Everything you put your hands to will turn to gold. Happy new month to you, my husband.

I couldn’t have asked for a better one. A hard worker and the best companion and father you could ever want. May you continue to see happiness in this new month. Have a blessed month, my love.

All is yours with unexpected love, incredible joy, lasting peace new month wishes and above all, endless success in this new month. Enjoy them my crown.

In this new month, you may enjoy all the beauty that comes with it. Happy new month to you, my husband.

May this new month be the beginning of endless success in the life of my king. Have a great month.

New Month Declaration

New Month Declaration

New Month Declaration

Lord, thank you for the opportunity and grace to see this beautiful month. Many people started this year, but today, they no longer exist.

We are not using this as a medium to laugh at them, but as an opportunity to express our gratitude for the privileges granted to us.

Lord, we come to your throne, bow humbly, and pray for mercy for all our transgressions; we pray for forgiveness for all our sins, and have mercy on us

This is the first day of the month; I ordered that this day will mark a new beginning for me and my family.

I ordered that this day will bring about tremendous changes and open the way to breakthroughs for me and my family for the rest of the month.

This day will mark me and my family entering more areas of spiritual growth in the name of Jesus.

I ordered and announced that this day will mark the beginning of more opportunities, financial breakthroughs, unusual favors, great graces and amazing blessings for me and my family.

This day will mark the beginning of a revolutionary change to get better in all branches of my life in the name of Jesus.

Before the end of this day, this week, and this month, I order that I will begin to see signs, miracles, and performances of prayer.

I ordered and announced that in this new month, my soul is good. By the end of this month, I will testify with joy and praise in my mouth.125 Happy Friday Wishes, Quotes and Images

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This is the first day of the month; I ordered this day to be a new beginning for me and my family.

I ordered this day to bring about tremendous changes and open the way for me and my family to break through for the rest of the month.

This day will mark me and my family entering more areas of spiritual growth in the name of Jesus.

I ordered and announced that this day will mark the beginning of more opportunities for me and my family, financial breakthroughs, unusual favors, great graces and amazing blessings.

This day will mark the beginning of a revolutionary change to become better in every aspect of my life in the name of Jesus.

Before the end of this day, this week, and this month, I order that I will begin to see signs, miracles, and prayers.

I ordered to announce that in this new month, my soul is good. By the end of this month, I will praise and testify with joy.

Lord, please guide us through the trials and temptations that we may face this month.
This month, in the name of Jesus, do not allow the plague of enemies to approach me and my family.
I ordered and declared that my family and I must not die for others.
In the name of Jesus, sickness is not allowed in my house
This month I will not bury the one I love.
I have ordered that no one can offer condolences to me or any of my family members this month.
Lord, let your fire continue to burn in my house.
Father, your protective hand will continue to fall on me and my family.
I declare that my home and I are for Christ, who lives in us.

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