Night Birthday Wishes – Last Birthday Wish At the End of The Day

Night Birthday Wishes

It looks like it is getting late already for you to send to your friend, best friend, brother, sister, crush, girlfriend or boyfriend birthday wishes. Just be positive and pick up a text message that indicates, night birthday wishes, birthday wishes at the end of day, end of the birthday wishes, wishing birthday at the end of the day, or day ending birthday wishes that fits in for expressing your mind to the celebrant right now.

That is all you need to make up for the late greeting. In a case like this, you don’t just write a birthday message without indicating in it that you’re sorry for the late wishes.

Until 11:59 pm of today, you can still make it and make your own birthday greetings count for the dear person. Not sending it at all may become an unforgivable sin. In order to avoid such an embarrassment to your personality, friendships, mutual relationship or journey of love between you and your partner, why not spare some minutes to send a special birthday wish at the end of the day.

Here for you are lots of last birthday wish at end of the day quotes which will even make your birthday greetings look natural and sound romantic.

Birthday Ending Wishes for Friend

Stop bothering your mind thinking about how to wish birthday at the end of the day in a way that your partner, friend or relative who celebrating his or her birthday won’t get angry. The following text messages will surely meet up with your desires.

  • Truly friends will always places in their hearts to forgive one another no matter what the offences might be. I accept my fault that I am send my birthday greetings to you at a very late hour. I tender my apology and I believe that you’re already forgiven me. From the bottom of my heart, I wish all the greatest goodness of Birthday be your portions henceforth. Happy Birthday!
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  • Don’t be crossed that this love is getting across to you when it is already late. But I am very confident that my birthday love for you is welcome. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • I did not forget your birthday, I was only waiting for a perfect time to wish you a happy birthday. Not for anything but in order to make it stand out among all other wishes you received today. My honourable friend, happy birthday.
  • Provided I have sent my greetings to you in the morning or afternoon for the purpose of your birthday celebration, you might have forgotten now. It is certain that last birthday wish at end of the day for best friend that you receive like now will linger in your mind until you sleep. So, my good friend, happy birthday.
  • Happy Birthday! I hope you have enjoyed your birthday party to the fullest. Please, don’t be annoyed that I am sending this very late. May you never be put to shame.
  • My friend is a wonderful person and forgivable. So, I have nothing to be afraid of as I am wishing you happy birthday when the moon is already coming out. I wish you a very long and beautiful life.
  • I didn’t wait until the sun went down today with any intention. Also, I can’t say I am too busy to attend my friend’s birthday. But accidentally, it happened. I am very sorry. Happy Birthday to you my amazing and super friend.
  • Playing pranks on our bound of friendship is not what actually happened. So, don’t feel annoying but embrace love. I know it could be the last birthday wishes you’re receiving today. And it has to be from someone like me. I love you so much friend.
  • My confidence is built around your personality. I trust in what you say you want to do because you’re a person of your word. Someone like you is remarkable. This day, your birthday tells so much about you. I wish you a blissful birthday!

  • Shoutout to a celebrant with a kind heart. Obviously, you won’t be too offended that my wishes are getting delivered late. I intentionally came up with an idea that late night wishes put more smiles on celebrant’s face.

    Last Birthday Wish At End of the day for Lover

There are so many reasons why some of us end up sending late night birthday wishes to our lovers. It might be due to work or our busy schedule. Though, when loving someone is real to you, you can always spare time out of your busy schedule to do what is necessary for your lover. The birthday moment does come up just one time in a year. Means, there is plenty time that can be spent on those tight schedules. Anyway, here are few words that fit for this kind of situation of late birthday wishes time.

Last Birthday Wish At End of the day for lover

  • Dear, since the blessed day I met you and accepted you into love zone of my heart, you have always been so precious to me. Each time I think of you is remarkable too. Be glad as it is your day my diamond.
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  • Do not consider that I’m wishing you happy birthday very late, but the fact that you are always in my heart because you’re dwelling there. Honey, happy birthday to you.

  • Don’t let the clock misquote my love for you. The clock is currently saying late time of the day but love says otherwise. My adorable sweetheart, your birthday is blessed already. 

  • Today, I had a busy moment meditating over where we started the journey of our love and where we are currently. As well as where moving to. Please, don’t feel bad that I’m reaching you very late. Have a wonderful birthday my darling.

  • Long time ago, I had a disappointed love and I cried a lot. But you appeared and healed my heart wounds. This makes your birthday a superb one for me. Thank you so much for being my love. Happy birthday!!! 

  • When I join this journey of love with you, I became to fathom the purpose of being into a relationship. So, why won’t I celebrate your birthday with you? Of course, I must. Darling, please enjoy your birthday. 

  • They say that future of relationship belongs to those who understands each other. For this reason, I feel so blessed for we have the best understanding in the world. As a result of this, I know you will never be annoyed that I am wishing you an happy birthday late. I’m glad you are mine. Happy birthday.
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Last Birthday Wish At End of The Day


Below are some romantic and convincing texts indicating last birthday wishes at end of the day:

  • My birthday wishes are coming to you as triumphant as possible. Just more to come for you to celebrate. I feel so excited that my good friend is a year old today and this evening is also cool. Happy birthday!

  • Supernatural things happen when you are counted among the lucky souls. Unbelievable greetings are coming to you from me at a late hour. I am sorry for that. But you should be aware of my sincere wishes. Kindly stay blessed as you are enjoying your day. 

Night Birthday Wishes Letter

You may think of getting a longer text for your late night Birthday Wishes. Here is a letter that can nicely express your mind. As well helping you in convincing the person to forgive you and accept your birthday wishes despite that it is coming very late. 

My personal person,

Sending you a birthday wishes so late has to be forgiven. I have been very busy looking for the best way to express my birthday wishes for you. Though, I know it could never take me forever but it almost took me 24 hours. Don’t be surprised why it took me that long to gather some words to serve the purpose. Your importance left me with many best words to use to compose a birthday letter to you but I could not make a haste conclusion. For this reason, I ended up reaching this quota very late this evening. I am very sorry.

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Honestly, I wish you should be having birthday celebration at least every 72 hours if not 24 hours. I thought of this as one of those measures to revealing people with kind and special hearts among which you are a prominent one. Normally, someone with incredible mindset should be always remembered and celebrated every blessed days as their goods continue to manifest in each day. 

For the fact that today has not ended yet, kindly accept my sincere birthday wishes for today. Next one will come as fast as possible and won’t be late.

I heard that you had poured a champagne 🍾 to mark today special among others in the 365 days. Certainly, I expected it because I personally knew you won’t let this pass just like that without a party. 

You remember today and you are rejoicing. May you remain forever joyous! Today has come as your birthday and you’re partying. Partying and celebration won’t be once in a year for you. You will always have reasons to celebrate everyday. A lots of friends and families must have sent their words of congratulations; in fact I trust them. Therefore, I wish you more of congratulatory messages as goodness and confirmed successes will keep coming your way. 

Behold, do not close your door tonight, favour, grace, upliftment and all good things you have ever desired are coming to your life tonight. For these causes and more, you will be happy forever. Happy birthday to you my greatest friend.

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Yours lovely,


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