Touching Birthday Letter for Friends

Touching Birthday Letter for Friend

At times, creating a touching birthday letter for friend might be so boring, most especially when you are apparently not in mood of composing a short birthday letter. While at the same time, there is need for sending a sweet and sincere birthday greetings to who has gone to far in life to portray a good friendship nature to you. Some pals are very sincere and always feel excited when seeing you growing up. You will see them ever ready to support you in attaining success.

Therefore, one of the best things you can do as payback for their kindness, understanding and support is giving them a remarkable and touching birthday letter. Simply with this, you have every chance to present your birthday wishes using long words order than short messages.

Touching Birthday Letter for Friend

At this juncture, this short birthday Letter for best friend should be more than enough to convey your mind towards the today’s birthday celebrant from your side. 

Dear friend,

I don’t need to look back before I can get reasons to appreciate your friendship with me. Benefits deriving on daily basis from our being together is more than enough to build my solid gratitude on. Whereas, it remains impossible to repay all your good deeds as they are countless like a bag of grains.

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Right at this moment, I feel being together with you and until today runs out. But I won’t bother you because you may still need some privacy. My wishes are with you henceforth and till eternity. The wishes of greatness, great fulfilment with absence of downtrodden. I also bring to you the wishes of love that will never fade away even if you are tired. Whereas, you will never get tired of genuine love and affection that you will get as your birthday present.

Today is your birthday and all the good things that you deserve and those that you don’t deserve will begin coming your way. And the future will forever remain fortunate to you. In fact, your heart has become fortunate as it gains the most privilege to occupy happiness in folds. Those happinesses being generated from positive events of life that you will be celebrating henceforth immediately your birthday today.

Therefore, starting proper preparation to welcome new life developments which you will begin to experience in your life. Make a clear road for something big that we are sending to you as well.

My good friend, today comes bright, smiling and amazing because of you. Today comes in a surprising dimension in order to pass a notification of a birthday marking by a special person. This day has come to stay as a day that we will be remembering forever for good.

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Before I end my letter to you, let me quickly service you a reminder that cutting of birthday cake has to come within the party. We can’t afford to left out cake out this wonderful age celebration. The new age of yours has been abundantly and bountifully blessed by the Almighty. I may be far away to join the party but for the fact that I have to witness the cutting of cake, I will make my way back there.

You must have heard that you got nothing to worry about. Bury your worries and enjoy your birthday to the remarkable fullest. Happy birthday to you my best friend.

Yours in friendship,


Emotional Letter to Best Friend to Make Her Cry

When there is friend who can’t be neglected on her birthday because of her kindness and generosity. As a result of this, you want an emotional letter to best friend to make her cry out her gladness. This letter is a unique way to wish happy birthday to the friend.

Dear friend,

It is somehow painful to me that today is among the working days we have in this year. Honestly, I wish it should be a day of an holiday so that I can be with you throughout. At least to help you rest from any stress because today is a unique day for you and everyone of us because it is your birthday. But there is no need to be so troubled in mind. We are still good to go and there is evidence of reasons to be so happy and joyous.

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Since the day you dashed into my life as a friend, I began to feel all around me millions of wonderful things happening. It is because you personally is remarkable. The major reason why I can live a memorable and interesting lifestyle is the gift of “you” that is giving to me as an intimate friend. I was able to escape from the hell of boredom because of the fun being generated from you. Even, when you are not around me, the memories of you that have already been created are more than enough to keep warming and entertaining me until your next presence.

When it comes to counting the number of friends who are selfish in this world, the counting will take years. But if the process of counting continues for thousands centuries, your name can’t be found. I don’t have a biased friend but capable one to be trusted fully. And it is obviously believed that even if we are still alive in hundreds of years to come, you will remain trusted, unselfish, unbiased and reliable as you have ever been.

Your qualities make me so proud of my friendship with you. You’re brilliant, responsible, diligent, decent, awesome, remarkable, indisputable, indomitable, genuinely genius, friendly, lovely, approachable, kind, intelligent, intellectual and understandable. Honestly, I can’t afford to lose this friendship position with you.

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Honestly speaking today your birthday, I can’t hide my true feelings about you. And I have come in peace to proclaim my birthday wishes for you in a way that you will always remember. As my bestie, I wish you should forever experience all best things that can be found where you go henceforth. Afterwards, they will never depart from your side. As you are my dearest friend, may none of your dearest desires be left ungranted. Despite that birthday like this comes once in a year, may you celebrate each of the days ahead in superb manner.

Though, I am not the only friend you have but obviously we are best of friends. And remember not to allow this world change our friendship position. From the depth of my flexible heart coming the best wishing of birthday to you. Many more to come in more interesting ways. Happy birthday.

Your friend,

Do not keep brooding over what you can write to your best friend on his or her birthday. Head up and pick one from these two heart touching birthday letters for best friend. 

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